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FS: horizontal arbor think it's a Brown and Sharpe #9 taper.


Cast Iron
May 26, 2008
Long Beach, CA.
Here's a short horizontal arbor. About 11 inches to the nut. 1/2 13 thread. I thought it was a MT4 taper but after measuring I think it could be a B&S #9 taper. I measured 1.0765 large diameter and 0.928 minor diameter with a distance of 3.588 inches which would give a taper per inch of 0.0414 and an online search says B&S #9 is 0.417 per inch while a 4MT is 0.519 per inch. So it seems much closer to a B&S #9.

It's dirty and rusty......and cheap lol. 1 inch diameter. With or without the cutters.

$60 plus shipping.
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