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FS: Large Welding Positioner 54" table, estimated 15k capacity


Cast Iron
Dec 15, 2016
This positioner is complete but I have never used it, and I believe it was also a backup that was never used for the previous owner who I got it from.

The surface on it now is in good shape, 54" square. It is slightly larger than a Ransome 15k positioner we have, so I suspect it is in the 15k range but no way to confirm and do not guarantee I know the capacity as the data tag is long gone. I remember doing a little research for the Unique company but came up empty, or gave up early.

It will definitely need completely rewired, as well as a new control pendant. There may be damage to the gearboxes that we can't see, but as far as we can tell it's mechanically in working shape. Anyone with serious interest, we do have power where it's stored and could help you test the motors and watch it spin if you need.
I like the Ransome better due to being smaller, and we're not even using that currently. I probably don't need to keep storing this one either. It's been stored outside in the desert for many years by the previous owner, and now me.

Asking $12,000 OBO as is. I will load it on a truck for you. Sold as-is, F.O.B. our shop in Tucson , AZ.

If the right buyer came along we could try to negotiate going through this machine for you, and shipping you out a great condition ready to work unit.... But I'd really rather just see it leave on a truck as-is.


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Spent a little more time going over this positioner recently and found an inventory tag from when GE owned it. And have now confirmed that it's a 16,000 lb positioner.

$10k obo loaded to your truck