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FS Mach. Handbk, indicators, angle plates, hold downs...stuff

Ray Behner

Mar 27, 2009
Brunswick Oh USA
Culling the herd. Everything is in used condition, but works as it should. All prices include shipping (flat rate USPS to US). Description on bottom of pic. Hit "more" at bottom right for added info on some. If you want more than one pic's worth, I will mash as much as I can into one box to save shipping. I won't screw you anymore than I am now. Some prices negotiable, but not "right off the bat" Can't get pics up so I linked them. Post here first, then PM me with info. I will ship "FIRST". When you receive....send check. No paypal!

Catalogs. Shipping $12.50 Each Photo by rbehner | Photobucket
Assorted arbors.

I would like the assorted arbors for $50.00 if still available. Sent you a pm.
How much for the US made angle blocks in #6? Do not really need the radius gauges.

Give me an excuse to come up to see you!

OOPS! I missed, someone already called them!
Just a heads up on this stuff. The PO has no flat rate boxes, so I ordered a batch online. They're BO'd, but should be here end of week. I'll ship as soon as I can. Sorry!
Thanks I hope to learn some tips & tricks from you guys! My dads showed me a lot but he's forgot more stuff than I can learn lol! Thanks again for the welcome! Sorry for stepping on your for sale thread! You have a lot of nice stuff good luck on your sale