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FS-Mill/Lathe Tooling


Nov 17, 2021
Doing some 5s in the shop this week and trying to clean up some problem areas. Came up with some tooling that I figured I would see if anyone had in interest in. I hate to scrap some of the stuff if someone can use it. Prices all include shipping except for the Aloris toolpost/holders (as don't have a good predictor as to what it would cost). I can get more dimensions/pictures for any of it if you would like to see anything in particular. Ruler for scale, does not come with those few lots.

#Lot 1 $650. Aloris CXA tool post. Includes CXA7, 3x CXA1 (2x were only used a few times prior to upgrading to a CA), CXA4, CXA41, and an import. Piston style tool post.
#Lot 2 $25. 3/4 drive sockets, Taiwan. Includes 2", 1 7/8", 1 13/16", 1 3/4", 1 5/8", 1 3/8", 1 1/8".
#Lot 3 $40. 1" square CNMG tool holder. Kennametal MCLNL165D. Believes it takes a 500 series insert.
#Lot 4 $30. Mill/drill tooling. 3x collets that are BS9 taper for a mill. Keyway cutters are dull, but seemed salvageable if you could grind.
#Lot 5 $30. 3x Lantern style lathe tool posts, collets. 3x 1 7/8, 3x 1 7/16, 3x 1 3/4, 1x 1 5/8.
#Lot 6 $30. Large boring bar holder. 1 3/16" dia boring bar.
#Lot 7 $25. Armstrong 5G1-QC boring bar holder. Not sure on the size, I'm guessing BXA?
#Lot 8 $20. Misc. fittings. Mostly Swagelock fittings.

#Lot 1
# Lot 2
#Lot 3
#Lot 4
#Lot 5
#Lot 6

#Lot 7
#Lot 8
The Armstrong 5G holder is indeed BXA size, or pretty close. I've found that sometimes the older Armstrong holders aren't a spot-on fit for Aloris, Dorian , et al., but can be made to fit without much work.