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FS: New Lenox RX+ 14'6" x 1-1/4" 5/8 pitch bandsaw blades - 5 x $40 - for Marvel 81, HEM H101-A-1, HEM V100-LM-2, Hyd-Mech H-14-A, V-18, Wells F15-3U


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Sep 30, 2010
Guinea-Bissau, West Africa
I have 5 new in (slightly smushed) box Lenox RX+ bandsaw blades. They're 14'6" x 1-1/4", 5/8 variable pitch bimetal blades. Looks like they fit several models of HEM, Hyd-Mech, and Marvel 81 saws (verify for yourself, obviously).

$106.86 in quantities of 5+ from BandsawBladesDirect. I'm asking $40 plus actual shipping which will most likely be much more economical to take several vs. just one. If anyone needs shorter blades and wants them cut, I'm happy to cut them and recoil them which will result in a denser and cheaper to ship package.

Here's the link to the info page about RX+ if you're not familiar: https://www.bandsawbladesdirect.com/media/sales/sales_sheets/RX+_Bandsaw_Blades.pdf

Acquired/Located/Shipping from MI where I am right now. New in box, no rust.

Come for the deal, but know that your money is going to cover the other blades that were part of this lot which do fit the saws I use in my non-profit fab/machining school in West Africa!

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