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FS: NOS Phase II AXA tool posts (Aloris compatible)


Nov 10, 2006
Southern California
FS: NOS Phase II AXA tool posts (Aloris compatible)

Background. There are new old stock Phase II tool posts. Both have never been mounted on a lathe and have been sitting in a tool box for the last 10+ years. They still have the original brown shipping grease on them. I have put an Aloris brand AXA tool holder on each of them to confirm clamping function by hand and that the tool holder fit. They will need the brown grease wiped off of them and also should be oiled. I just never used them so they need find a new home.

A) Model number 250-100 (piston type tool post): $60

B) Model number 250-111 (wedge type tool post): $80

Purchasing Details:
If you want to buy something, please post a message on the thread and send me a personal message thru the website. Payment via Paypal preferred but email me if you have another preference. Shipping is not included. I usually ship via USPS as it is usually the cheapest but I can do UPS also. Please note, some folks are noting delays with USPS but they have been very fast for me. US sales only.

Link to dimensions if needed:
quick change tool post and holder sets