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FS: South Bend 16/24 Lathe


Dec 11, 2006
Thinking of selling my 16/24 South Bend lathe. Would come with taper attachment, quick change collet - with collets, quick change tool post, 22.5" face plate, 2 four jaws(one is a 19.5" and the other is 10.0"), 1 three jaw chuck(7.5"), steady rest, turret style tool post, has flood coolant, light, thread dial.

Great shape. I can get more pictures if interested.

I'm located in Utah. $4500 OBO


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Since I'm sort-of-local to this machine, I'll comment.

I think the market for South Bends of any size is firmly in the hobbiest category. Your lathe, because of it's size, isn't as useful to the typical hobbiest as the smaller ones. I don't think they are as sale-able. The only way someone is going to kick their wife's car out of the garage to make room for it is if they need it for an important big job, or because it's cheap enough for them to take the beating and still feel good about it.

As a general comment that is not specific to your lathe, the prices here in the Intermountain West have always baffled me. Machines are scarce and routinely sell for more than I'd ever consider paying. I've been here 15 years and never bought a machine tool locally. I've had great luck purchasing in the midwest, and using that as an excuse to load the kids up in the car and go see the grandparents. Even with the cost of fuel, it's been cheaper than buying local.

Back on topic, perhaps timing is working against you as well. There have been several lathes of similar size here on PM recently that have listed for less, albiet east of the Mississippi. Closer to home, there have been many lathes for sale in the Salt Lake area since Christmas. In the last month, there have been 3 South Bend 10Ls that have sold in the range of $800-$1200; smaller than your 16/24 but more useful for the typical user (or what I percieve to be the typical user). Additionally, there are a couple of lathes currently listed in the KSL classifieds that stack up well against your lathe for substaintially less, including an American Pacemaker for something like $2000.

So, yeah, you may be too high. Just my 2c, and no offense intended.

I would love to have that large face plate. I have one of these lathes in my shop, and I've been looking for a larger face plate to fit it.
I sent you a PM.

I'm keeping the quick change tool post and holders along with the steady rest.

If you're interested in the following, let me know.

22.5" face plate, 2 four jaws(one is a 19.5" and the other is 10.0"), 1 three jaw chuck(7.5") and turret style tool post.