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FS: South Bend 9C Gear Cover


Jul 1, 2016
South Bend 9C Gear Cover in good condition. Dates back to ~1941, I think. It will fit fine on a 9A or 9B, but the stamped label is for a 9C. Pin is bent (sorry, no picture), so it will need to be straightened or replaced.

$45 + actual shipping charges
(Shipping seems to be crazy expensive now, so message me your address or zip code for a shipping quote. And tell me if you have a shipping preference - I'll default to Fedex Ground/Home unless you have a preference)


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Look, I will allow that I was in a pissy mood last night, and apologize if I overstepped. but really, all the parts listed were of a type and sort that they could as well have been part of a single 'for sale' post, either the "Tooling, Parts and Accessories For Sale or Wanted" page, or probably even better, the "https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/categories/south-bend-lathes.25/" where the folks that are particularly interested in what you have, are!