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FS: South Bend Heavy 9


Sep 16, 2011
Winston Salem, NC
Due to the addition of another lathe - I am reluctantly parting ways with my SB Heavy 9 lathe. This machine was manufactured in 1939 and was the predecessor to the Heavy 10. It is a model 159 YB with a 3 foot bed. The serial number is 94191. The lathe has a large spindle with a 1-3/8” through hole and a 2-1/4-8 threaded nose. This spindle is capable of accepting standard 5C collets. It is powered by a ½ HP 1750 RPM, single phase dual voltage motor. The motor has a two step pulley and the counter shaft to spindle has a 3 step cone pulley resulting in 12 speeds with the back gears. The motor mounting is an under drive which will save some space.

I rebuilt this machine 4 years ago but it has had only light use since then. The rebuild was a complete tear down to nuts and bolts so everything is clean and ready to use. When rebuilding I added a new cross slide lead screw with a large dial. The machine also has a quick change gear box and power feeds for both the saddle and cross slide as well as a reversing lever for the gear train/lead screw and a sliding gear for additional feed rates. At some point in its life the compound was crashed but it suffered only cosmetic damage. I am not a talented machinist but have been to hold tolerances of +-.001”. The tail stock accepts a MT2 taper.

I have included only one picture of the lathe but there are a lot more that I can forward if interested although most of them are in the links provided below. I have also attached a link to the rebuild process on practical machinist and a short YouTube video that summarizes the process.

Included with the lathe are:
1. 3 jaw scroll chuck, 4 jaw independent chuck and a second three jaw whose jaws will need some work – all chucks include the 2-1/4-8 threaded back plates.
2. South Bend steady rest
3. Threading dial
4. Apron lock
5. Two position Quick Change Tool Post (not shown in pictures)
6. Micrometer carriage stop
7. Cross slide threading stop
8. Nose thread protector
9. 5C spindle adapter
10. 5C hand wheel collet closer
11. Spindle adapter for #2 MT center
12. 2MT dead center
13. 2MT live center
14. Tail stock wrench
15. Leveling bolts and plates
16. A supply of the 4 lubricants recommended by SB
17. A rebuild manual and parts list
18. The SB serial number card
19. Misc documents I created for reference

Practical machinist rebuild thread - http://www.practicalmachinist.com/v...-bend-heavy-9-rebuild-233170/?highlight=heavy
YouTube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeyLuE8rGV0&feature=plcp

The machine can be easily broken down to 3 or 4 major parts for transport. I can help disassemble and potentially deliver.

I am looking to get $2000 but am willing to listen to reasonable offers.

Thanks for looking

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Sep 16, 2011
Winston Salem, NC
Jim - I'm near Syracuse - probably 3-1/2 hours from Peekskill

Edited to add that I tired to send you a PM Jim but your mailbox is full


jim rozen

Feb 26, 2004
peekskill, NY
Arrgh. I can't stand it any more!

I'll meet your $2k price.

Have always lusted after one of these. Let's talk about payment and delivery terms,
drop me a line at jrr(zero) (at) us (dot) ibm (dot) com and figure this out.