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FS - Van Norman 1R3U Milling Machine

Dick Streff

Sep 12, 2003
For sale a Van Norman 1R3U milling machine. Machine has horizontal and vertical capabilities with the tilting head on the sliding ram. Universal table for helical milling capabilities with added equipment. Has NMTB 40 taper in the head. Spindle is 3hp, three phase 240/480v. Separate motor for the x-axis feeds built into the knee. Table travels are 22" in X, 10" in Y, and 24" in Z. Can fit 17 1/2" under the spindle nose in vertical mode and 24 11/16" from table to spindle centerline in horizontal mode. Has factory gearbox power feed on x-axis. I added an import powerfeed on the z-axis. Y-axis is still manual.

This machine was purchased over a decade ago and has been the mainstay in my metalworking side of the shop since then. I cleaned it up a bit and degreased it which took some of the lousy green porchpaint off to reveal the original machine grey. I added a three axis DRO and also added the pendant stop/start controller which this machine lacked. The overarm support was machined out of solid aluminum by me and I installed the roller bearing assembly from another model Van Norman for the Type A style arbor pilot.

I've really enjoyed using this machine. With the 40 taper in the head it really can move the chips with the right tooling. The only reason for selling is a came into a Cincinnati horizontal and vertical machine with a slightly larger work envelope and with power feeds on all axis, along with a quill. I've been holding on to this machine for the last year just in case. But I don't have the luxury of enough room to keep two milling machines in the shop so this one needs to find a new home.

From the badging this was an ex-military machine from 1972. I believe it might have moved on to a community college also. I bought it from a private owner.

No tooling included. Comes as shown. Let me know if you have any questions or need any other photos. Can be seen under power. Have forklift onsite to load. Net weight is listed at 3100#.

Here is a copy of the manual:
Van Norman Machine Tool Co. - Publication Reprints - VN 1R Series Installation, Operation, Maintenance, Parts List | VintageMachinery.org

And here is a brochure from a similar vintage with more spec's:
Van Norman Machine Tool Co. - Publication Reprints - Van Norman Ram Type Milling Machine Catalog | VintageMachinery.org

Asking $1800.