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FS: Vblocks,collet blocks, tool holders with inserts and without. and a little more

This is the last chance before ebay...
If you can use this stuff here it is...


D) Screw jack 4" threaded 16mm X 1.5 $10
E) Collis 4 -5 rough $7


C) Kennametal SCCPR 15 5 $17
E) TDPL insert tp22? $12
Q) small bar and inserts $30
R) Valintine bar (not bad) and inserts $40
S) Small bar with damage to the back side $10


C) Seco $20
D) Valintine groove tool $15
E) Kennametal $15
H) diamond insert tool $ 15
K) 1X6 Round bar $10
L) Iscar bar $12
M) 1x6 bar for 5/16 HSS $8
If this line:

R) Valintine bad and inserts $40

is supposed to read "Valintine BAR and inserts $40 I'll take it. PM me please.
2E is available
2F went in post 19
2G went in post 17

Shipping.... Everything will be plus shipping....Im sending this via USPS flat rate boxes.... The cheapest rate possible....

I lost a day with the message notice going into my spam folder. If available, I'll take 2E and S.