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funky 10K horizontal motor mount


Jan 19, 2018
Los Angeles
Hi Everyone,

I posted this in an older thread on the same subject a few days ago and got not response so I'm reposting here - with edits - in case I buried it - apologies for cross-posting.

I bought a 1959 10K a year ago from an estate sale. I was rebuilding it, but life go in the way fairly severely for 9 months or so I'm back at it now. Mostly done with cleaning, painting and changing felts - they were all black and hard (some with 'glitter' ugh!). I don't know what he lubed it with - cooking oil? there was an awful lot of gum/shellac-like buildup on all gears etc - I pretty much scraped every side of every tooth or every gear with a scalpel.I rewired the motor and barrel- switch as it had been done in a hokey way that meant it did not reverse.

As you'll see from the pic - in the shed where I bought - it has cast iron legs, and a narrow, shallow oilpan. The motor is mounted on a slab of 1/2" steel plate that is drilled to take the headstock end foot-to-leg bolts - The plate is slid under the oil pan and on top of the leg. This is ugly but rigid -there's a big diagonal brace - 1/2" x 3" So the lathe is on a slight tilt down towards the tailstock, as there is not an equivalent spacer under the tailstock leg.

I don't know if there was the standard issue horizontal motor 10K on cast-iron legs or why this one is the way it is -its obviously a kluge. Was there a standard casting? To be truthful, I'm not a huge fan of the horizontal motor - it takes a lot of space. I'd like to shorten the distance between motor and headstock. I'd even consider raising or lowering the motor to save space. I'd be interested to hear any opinions/advice.


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