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Fusion 360 post processors for Mazak SQT100MSY and SQT15M


Dec 22, 2018
We have been post processing from Fusion 360 to Mazak VTC20B (M+) for couple of years and that works just fine. Now we finally started to test post processing to SQT100MSY and SQT15M, and we have a lot of problems. We can save the files for both, so no data transfer issues, I think even the drip feed works, but:

SQT100MSY with Fusion 640t = simple facing process + drilling. It starts the spindle to rotate, and takes correct tool and goes to zero, but then just stops, nothing happens, no errors. We are using the SQT100MSY post processor that can be found from Fusion database. We have been thinking if there is some parameters wrong, but no idea which.

SQT15M with T32-3 = multiple errors. We cant find any T32-3 post processors from database and have just tested what ever we have found. This I think we just have incorrect post processor. Anybody having the correct?

I can pay something to the one who solves the problem. So if your interested and have similar machines, please help.

And yes I know this post is not where it belongs, but I think I find the Mazak gurus from here :D