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Fusion 360 Turning Leads and Containment


Nov 12, 2018
I'm having issues with Fusion 360 not obeying containment boundaries on boring operations. It seems that no matter what I input, the toolpath will cross the clearance boundary and produce a minimum lead in and lead out length. There seems to be no way of producing a zero length lead.

In the following screenshot, what I am trying to do is feed straight in and straight back out with no X-retract. I have been through 1 round of troubleshooting with Autodesk and they couldn't figure it out either. They are sending it to the turning development team.


Has anyone else had this problem and discovered a solution or workaround?

This is what I sent to Autodesk for support:

"I am using a Allied Machine (Ceratizit) EcoCut EC 08R-2.25D 04-E (see https://www.alliedmachine.com/Support/Literature/pdfFiles/EC.pdf?).
This tool is designed to be used as both a drill and an internal boring bar. It is tool 3 in the attached program.

The typical workflow is to first drill the part on center with this tool and then to come back and finish bore the part to size. For the first drilling operation, the tool is nominal 0.315" diameter with a little wiggle room up and down in diameter due to the cutter geometry. It can drill a minimum diameter of 0.309" and a maximum diameter of 0.327"

I cannot get fusion to either allow me to use this tool as a drill, or to use it as a boring bar without having x-direction retracts. The x-direction retracts will make the tool collide with the part. I need the tool to feed in and feed out at a fixed X."


Jan 27, 2010
I was having this same problem with fusion and ended up defining two separate tools with the same number and offset. The first tool was a "drill" and the second a boring bar. This gets the proper leads and retracts, and I named them accordingly in the tool library so I know which one to pick for which OP.
It's a little cludgy but at least it works!
Hahn Rossman