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Fusion 360 vs. Mastercam

Plane Parts

Apr 21, 2019
Last time I looked, Fusion only had a couple 5x tool paths, swarf and mutli-axis contour. Am I missing something? Obviously I can do 3+2 but wondering if I have over looked something?
You can use it as indexed machining with the "tool orientation" command fixing the head. Hold on a second. I haven't tried drilling.... Good news bad news. This goes to the design as well. You can only place one hole at a time on a curved surface for Fusion to recognize the normal (first time I ever tried it before). So if you need a bunch of holes, you gotta make them one at a time. CNC side...There is no hole recognition for 5 axis on the very same surface normal holes I made. You have to make one toolpath with one hole and orienting the tool to said hole. Very time consuming if you need to drill on a surface. It is not something I really though of since most of my work are complex molds. I have sent a request to autodesk and will let everyone know when they plan to add these features.