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Fusion 360 vs. PTC Creo + Hypermill

Fusion 360 vs Creo+Hypermill

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Aug 26, 2021
Hey guys, we have currently been using PTC Creo for CAD and Hypermill for CAM machining. However, we have recently learnt about the Autodesk Fusion 360, which seems to be a unified suite for both products but given the price point we are a bit uncertain if it would be able to solve all of our requirements.

While it may sound outdated, we are only now starting to convert all of our 2D drawings into 3D models, and adopting the CAM machining approach.

Our machining will primarily be on 3 axis VMCs, CNC Lathe and a 4 axis HMC.

I would like all of your advice on whether Fusion 360 would be able to support our requirements? Given that there is no 'agent' to 'sell' the product to us it has been difficult to truly understand whether the product matches up to Hypermill+Creo. Further, is there a learning curve associated with Fusion 360 or is it super intuitive to use?

Thanks in advance.


Sep 3, 2019
East Coast
Just curious, why are you not using the built in CAM in Creo? Integrated CAD and CAM is one of their major selling points.
Apr 14, 2018
Airstrip One, Oceania
Hey guys, we have currently been using PTC Creo for CAD and Hypermill for CAM machining.
Why the hell would you do that ? Pro/E has its own cam.

Fusion can jump on a brick, compared to Pro/E. That's like 'graduating' from an SS396 to a Yugo.

edit: oops, jumped the gun, it was such a stupid question. corednc hit it. Great minds think alike :)


Aug 31, 2021
If it was a cost issue, if you needed non-linear sim and full CAM then the quote I just got for PTC Creo was $22k/year, no perpetual offered.

Fusion is much more affordable unless you need some of the more extreme and obscure assembly features in Creo.