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Fusion t640 to smooth c with Griffo brothers


Jul 12, 2017
I can get 640t program onto thumdrive. Then put it in Griffo brothers. It comes up as a redM folder. Then I can convert it to blueM folder with gbic after program number. After that I “translate ex” it to another blueM with gbix after program number. I know it’s the smooth programming because it looks familiar to new controls on lathe. Now..... how do I get that onto thumb drive to get it “data in” on the smooth c power master? I keep erring our. I tried to format the usb on smooth c control and now I can’t do anything on that thumb drive. It’s like the “data in or out” won’t work with it anymore after formatting and reloading. I am new to smooth c and griffin brothers. I am fluent with fusion 640 tho. The instructions for griifo say to look at chapter 4 and 7 but I can only find chapter 3. Any help or guidance would be very appreciated.