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G53 Reference Point in DMU 50T (MillPlus v320)

Jun 15, 2023
We bought a DMU 50 T machine with a Heidenhain Millplus v320 control unit in excellent condition for our company. But something went wrong from the very beginning.

The fact is that according to the instructions, after turning on the machine, it is necessary to move the spindle to the starting points of G53. But after we select all the axes, or each axis individually, close the doors, turn the feed rate switch and press the green move key, the machine moves the spindle to the very stop of the axes. After that, the error "X" (or "Y" or "Z" is displayed - it depends on which axis the machine rested on the "maximum") "04". This happens on all axes. The machine does not switch to normal operation and it is impossible to continue working.

Most likely something is wrong with the G53 breakpoints. But where exactly can you check the G53 breakpoints?

And another point: every time after turning the machine on and off, wherever the spindle is located, all points of its location are reset.

I am just a novice user. Has anyone encountered such a problem?


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Good evening, I once faced such a problem, but I'm not sure if this solution can help you.

1. You need to manually move each axis to the limit switch until it gives an error, and then back a little after you have done this with all the axes,
you can try running reference points.

2. Or you can try to run each axis to the reference points separately.

I faced this problem for a long time and I don't remember very well how to do it, but you can try it, I think it should help.
Thanks for answer. We found solution, for start working we just need to increase speed: up switch to 12Hour and down - to 3Hour. After that select all axes and press "start" button.