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G92 lathe threading cycle infeed strategy?


Cast Iron
Dec 7, 2018
The code that Fusion posted is only finishing at different Z depth so only the last thread is affected, I think.
All of the machines with Fanuc, Hitachi with Seicos and Mori Seiki with MSX-501 controllers at our shop output G92 threading when programmed at the controllers. You can any one of the three types of the infeeds like you do with G76.

A G92 thread with a different start Z point would look like this

G0 X0.9 Z0.2
G92 X0.74 Z-1.0 F0.05
X0.73 K-0.0006
X0.721 K-0.0005
... and so on

We cut a lot of threads at work and we all use G92. Better control in my opinion.