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gage calibration records


Nov 6, 2001
what do you guys use to track your gage calibration stuff? I see lots of stuff online trying to sell more or less databases that create alarms and reminders.... or do you just set up an excel spreadsheet for a list and " calibrate everything whether it needs it or not" at set intervals? Looking for something iso 9001:2000 compliant.
When I did work for the Navy and was required to have inspected gages and sysems to MIL STD's all that was required was a record of inspection and a trail of usage... 3x5 cards in a file box worked. Now this was not pre computers, but I saw no reason to make life complicated by using one.
I have had bad experiences with the specialized software. Ended up having a lot of troubles with it and then needed an expert in using it. Then the expert goes and we had a huge problem. I think the simpler the better. But I guess it depends upon how many gages and how spread out they are. If the number is small, maybe excel with expiration reminders entered into the calendar in outlook? then conduct audits of the tools to make sure they are all in cal.

Just an idea.
When I started here, we had a Gagetrak system. It was fairly simple, perfect for this small shop.

When my computer was replaced, I couldn't reload it because it would not accept the "key code". I called the company, and it was too old to work with newer op systems. The option was to buy a new one, so I just made an Access sheet.

Many of those companies will send a trial CD so you can find the software that works for you. Gagetrak has a trial download from their site.
Gauge software

It has been 5 years since I have used gagetrak. It was fine, with all of its potential, but, I would never recommend it unless the boss has seriously mandated accounting of gages(doubtful). If you have a decent knowlege of Excel, or even better; Access, USE THAT. I personally don't think number of gauges in your system matters. I found that Gagetrak and similar software had too many fields to fill in, making my job as a tech, a data entry secretary.----BORING
Good question, GO EXCEL
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