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Gary Martin camelback straight edge Castings


Jan 25, 2017
I've spoken at length with Gary and we would like to make a batch of 36" or 48" length camelback style straightedges. Gary would require a minimum order of 5 of either length to start production. The required deposit for a camelback would be $250 for the 36 and 300 for the 48 inch respectively. In case you have not spoken with Gary he is an incredibly talented and experienced pattern maker. You can see examples of his work at his website:http://www.martinmodel.com/index.html The final cost would be around 400-450 for the 36" and 450-500 for the 48 inch. Right now we just need people to show a level of interest and if we can get a minimum of 5 deposits on a length Gary will start work on the pattern. As a matter of fact if we get a minimum of 5 of each size Gary will do both. We also discussed the possibility of having them rough machined prior to delivery and if all buyers could agree to this it can be managed at a very reasonable additional cost provided all buyers agreed to have them machined. The castings will be made from class 30-40 equivalent grey cast and will be fully heat treated with a 24-36 hour schedule:
4 hour ramp to 1750F
6 hours at temp
50 degree per hour cool down period to 800F
shutdown and coast to ambient

Gary says that in his experience there have been almost no complaints using this process.

Please PM me if you are interested and I'll relay any questions to Gary. Right now we really would like to get a feel for what interest is out there and we can take it from there with regards to payments, dates and machining info. Show is an example of the style he intends to produce but is willing to take suggestions / modifications for the final patterns.

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