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Gary Martin Camelback Straight Edge Castings


Jan 25, 2017
Just wanted to bring this to people's attention. I've been working with Gary to produce a run of 36" straightedges. There is an thread in the "Tooling, Parts and Accessories For Sale or Wanted" section so I won't go into too much details except the most salient:

1) Gary needs at least 5 deposits of 250 to start the pattern
2) They will be professionally heat treated
3) Weight will be very manageable
4) Gary can look into a group rate for having them rough machined

I am in no way making any profit from this, just acting as a Gary's communication and hopefully we can get this to happen. I realize that there has been extensive warfare over straightedges so please understand I am simply trying to get a product made for myself and others to use and enjoy and don't want to initiate any arguments. There doesn't seem to be very many options out there really so I think this helps everyone, having choices is good.