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Getting into a Welding Supportive Role??

Mar 3, 2024
Pismo Beach, California
Hey everyone. I didn’t know necessarily which area of the forum to directly post this question in. So forgive me in that aspect.
I am looking to get my foot in the door in a supportive role with any manufacturing/production area that utilizes welding? Looking to start small and then progressively add more on as I get more knowledgeable in this field. Instead of me stating my plethora of welding experiences in which industries. I would like to hear all your advice and opinions? Regarding direction, possibly companies to sub thru, industries to look into? I have the typical Tig,MiG,Stick equipment. I have no issues (and I plan on hopefully) getting into LBW and investing in that “area” of welding as an example. But I am not married to that specific style as of yet. Hence the reason I’m asking. I can technically start fresh in a direction.

I’m currently a small business owner on the west coast doing custom fab and mobile work. I prefer the complicated high end work. My background is 24 years certified in Piping and Structural, years in the nuclear,oilfield,and offshore/subsea areas. Ex commercial diver/underwater/habitat welder. Multiple processes and codes. Level II NDT in VT,UT,PT,RT (film interpretation), and MT. Some of those have expired due to in activity, some were qualified in underwater application. I’m a current CWI. And have years of welding different SS,Aluminums, Mild/Hy/Exotic steels in Arc,MiG,and Tig processes. I’m only sharing the above info to show my seriousness and drive to get into a industry and maintain my love of metal.

Thanks everybody!!