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Gildemeister NEF 660 Modify Philips 532 , alarm I06 help


Oct 21, 2021
Hello, I am writing to you for help, I cannot cope with my problem. Some time ago I bought a used Gildemeister NEF 660 CNC lathe with the Philips 532 control replaced. The machine has only Z and Y axes. The machine has no hydraulics, tools are changed manually. The lathe has not worked for me yet since it was connected. After starting the control, alarm I06 pops up suggesting a short circuit on one of the outputs. This short circuit is suggested at random for example QX127, then QX 122 or QX102, but is nowhere really found in the control cabinet. Unfortunately, I do not have any technical documentation for this control. Has anyone ever encountered such a problem? I am asking for help, my ideas are over. Sorry for the translator, I come from Poland. I greet all cordially.