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Gilman Dovetail Slide

M Russo

Dec 6, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio
Precision dovetail slide made by the Russell T. Gilman company.
Brand new condition; no drilling in base or saddle. There is one gib lock.
Has an acme screw / hand-wheel attached to a micrometer dial.
The ways are precision ground and the base & saddle are cast iron.

Saddle = 6 Inch long
Travel = 6 inch long
Base = 12 inch long
Width = 4 inches
Height = 2.25 inches
Over-all Length = 18 inches
Weight = 25 pounds (about)

picture at "http://s744.photobucket.com/albums/xx90/Mark_G_Russo/Gilman%20Dovetail%20Slide/"

Located in Cincinnati, OH. Make offer. Will accept paypal.
contact me at [email protected]