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Going on 7 months

Bud Guitrau

May 8, 2006

I'm usually a technical, nut-and-bolts guy, as far as offering any advice here, but with 30 years of sales-management experience, I'd like to help on this subject if I can.

I can't help but be curious about...

1) The T&C's of your purchase order.
2) The explanation(s) given to you for the delivery/installation delay(s).
3) If this is an example of their Sales-Department service, what kind of response can you expect from their Service-Department?
4) How you have somehow managed for 7 months without this machine?. (Do you really need it and have you examined other sources?)

Just curious. Hope it all turns our well for you.



May 21, 2013
Hi Bud,

When we purchased the machine we were told 6-8 week delivery.

Their reason is the machine is still in transit from Europe.

Marcus Machinery sold us the machine. I have been here 26 years and have bought many machines. They are without a doubt the worst machine sales company I have ever dealt with. The salesman is horrible. He doesn't give me updates and now doesn't even answer my emails. As for service, well its a GF machine and anyone with one knows how their service is.

This machine is replacing an old machine. Fortunately the old machine is still in service and operational.