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Grand Rapids #28 Grinder-Questions


Mar 21, 2006
What differences do you see? I don't see any and both look just like my #25. Maybe the manuals you are seeing are for the later models? I don't have the paper work here for my #25 and I can't remember if it covered #28, but the manual for my 460 covers quite a few different models ,the only difference being the travels. Obviously the bases are different to accomodate the longer travel along with the hyd cyls.


Jul 23, 2001
Buffalo NY
Once some time ago, I worked in an old machine shop in Buffalo NY.
I am an engineer but I was working as a machinist for a temporary job.
At this place, they had a G&L surface grinder. It could have been a #28
but I am not sure. It looked a little larger than the ones pictured here.
I think the chuck was 8x24" or something. What I do remember is that
it was a formidable machine. Big and hulky. It had this mechanical
ratchet power feed deal-eo that stuck below the saddle a little bit.
It woud go, ccrraannk-spluuunk, ccrraannk-spluunk... as the table
went back and forth. I don't think it was hydraulic. And it had this big
full length door on the back. You could swing it open and see the
belt and the elevation screw. I think it was vee belts, but not sure.
But the acme screw was worn to knife edges. This thing was old.
It had the tenths dial in the center of the thousandths dial. I used it some
times. I believe I could dial in 1/2 a tenth more depth of grind, and it
seemed to respond as such. Pretty neat I thought. I remember we had
some tall parts to grind, and I would out on a wheel worn very much
smaller, to like 5" around. I think it took 10 or 12" wheels normally,
with a 3" hole. As old as it was, it FELT accurate. Probably in my mind,
as the table was sure swaybacked, as old as thing puppy was.
But it was a cool experience to run the controls on a machine like this.
It had a real personality, as old machines tend to have. At the time
I had a Boyar Shultz 612 at home, and this G&L was a whole new
experience for my. Kind of like driving a big truck with a bunch of
gears for the first time. Kinda the same, but a totally different experience.
Every time I see a G&L grinder, it brings me memories of the one I
used at this job shop. Now I have an Okamoto, but not as much
personality in that machine.