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Gray Bed Mill V Groove Plastic Plates Inspection/Replacment


Nov 10, 2023
We have several Gray, Cincinnati, and Bertram planner mills. On the ones that have the plastic plates on the V groove ways, has anyone ever replaced these before? What did that look like and why was the reason you replaced them? We have a machine that shimmies at low speed and one of the suspects is the plastic plates in the V grooves. Just curious about that process if we end up going that route. Screenshot 2023-11-10 081450.pngIMG_20230214_110204751.jpg
Those ways looked totally lapped to each other, lots of stick slip

Rich can tell you what is going on if you post a few more photos in the rebuilding forum.
Yes,Ive seen people using V shaped guides to grind 1/8 deep oil pockets all along the ways .......maybe that is not needed with plastic bearing surfaces ................typically with plastic ,the material coats the bare metal surface with plastic as well as the actual plastic ways ....so you have plastic running on plastic.......and oil may have an adverse effect ,causing more stiction.