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Great customer service from Alro


Aug 24, 2006
Ordered some A-2 from Alro, they shipped stainless steel. We machined it and sent it out for vacuum heat treat. Obviously, it didn't get hard, when it came back, we put a magnet to it, nonmagnetic. Between labor and heat treating we had $750.00 into it, our cost (not sales price). Contacted Alro (we are a good customer for years), provided documentation, they replaced material at no cost and credited our account $750.00. Everybody screws up once in a while, but how you handle the problem separates a good vendor (or customer). Thought I would give them a thumbs up for the way it was handled.
I've mentioned this before in another thread. Good vendors will do that. That's why it's beneficial to create relationships with good ones and stick to them whenever you can. Even if it means paying a little extra now and then or giving them a chance to match a competitor's quote. Reward good business, not just low prices.
Alro was the main supplier of the steel I machined. One time they sent a bundle of TGP cold roll when SS TGP was ordered. Exchanged with no problem. But honestly, machining the whole batch of SS when the spec says A-2 is on you or whoever machined it. I've turned literally tons of SS, someone in the shop should have caught it. Good that Alro took care of you the way they did.
Their customer service is much better than anyone else since the beginning of the Covid rush.
I ordered some cut rounds today at 3:30 pm today and they will be on my dock Monday morning!
They are always a bit more expensive but time is money
It was 1/4 " diameter material, 10 small pcs, so not a lot of machining to be able to tell the difference. All in a CNC lathe. Or do you mean the people at Alro couldn't tell the difference? Most of my cost was in labor and heat treating.