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Guidelines (please see new rule regarding Craigslist/Ebay/equiv posts)

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Jul 16, 2004
Houston, TX USA
Having "access" problems? Please don't private message me, get in touch with forum owner Milacron.

Your participation is welcomed. The forum would be nowhere without it. About anything related to antique machine tools, machinery and their history is where we are at. "Antique" of course is a moving target, but use your best judgement. If needed, the topic can be gently moved to a more appropriate section. If you wander far enough off topic in your posts, I will likely politely comment on the fact or use my perogative to simply edit what has been contributed. My perception of my job as moderator tells me that I need to use my best judgement as to what remains here and, as needed, what disappears. It will be this way until Boss Don elects to dispense with my services.

To further clarify: "About any thing related to" means in general making things with hand or power tools and or equipment, industrial history including machine shops, foundry and pattern making, tool rooms, cutting tools and hand tools, power generation, the wide subject of steam power, iron and steel making and other metals industries, transportation related to these efforts, etc.

A little more to help the process. It is clear that not all of you are comfortable with copying and pasting using mouse and/or keyboard, and many are unaware of the functionality of the tools available to you in making a post.

Your responses to a thread are the meat and potatoes of this forum, but I ask that if you are quoting an entire post in your reply, kindly refrain from doing this to a post with photos. It is simple to see doing so doubly loads the forum with the same photos.

Do however learn to reply in detail in these cases. You can copy any single line or more and paste them into your reply. You can then wrap these in quotes by highlighting what you just pasted and clicking on the little yellow squarish icon with a tail above where you are creating your reply.

Here is some info on copying and pasting borrowed from Images and Links and modified for here:


Do you know how to copy and paste on your computer?

- Hold down left mouse button and drag it along a line of text and it will turn blue.
- Right mouse click and a box will open. One of the choices in that box will be "copy". Click on that.

The text is is copied to your computer.

In the reply you are typing on Practical Machinist, just left click where you want the text to appear. Right click and the little box will open again. This time, click on paste.

The text will be in your post.

Of late lots of pure rubbish for titles. Folks, please, your title HAS TO MAKE SENSE AND BE SEARCHABLE

Cutsie misspellings of Ebay are not searchable.

"Up for another Challenge" is not searchable

DP may be Drill Press to you, but it is not searchable.

======== Atlas/Craftsman ========

In case these guidelines are actually read, here is the definitive word from the Forum Owner on Atlas Craftsman. I'll refer to this post in locking all future or existing posts that relate to these two names.

Yep... would be best to lock this thread...in the Classified Forum I wrote no discussions of anything Craftsman or Atlas anywhere on PM.

2/2016 - at moderator's discretion, some exceptions to the above rule may apply. Specifically, such an exception may involve the mention of such a tool, but may not involve discussion of the tool. For example, discussion of how to grind and set up a cutting tool for an Atlas shaper is OK, but how to fix or adjust an Craftsman lathe is NOT.

Categorically, discussion of the merits of Atlas/Craftsman lathes,mills,shapers, or tradeoffs between them and and other makes is not allowed.

======== Craigslist/Ebay ========

2/2016 - Due to a recent surge in posts containing no content other than a craigslist link, the following guideline applies;

"If the opening post of a thread contains a link to item(s) on craigslist, ebay or similar, the post should also contain relevant images or discussion, and the item(s) in question should be appropriate in the Antique Machinery forum."

Lacking the image/discussion, or if the link's subject is not relevant to the Antique Machinery forum, the thread is subject to deletion by the moderator.
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