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Guifil 15-35 Press Brake Manual / Any model Guifil really im desperate

Jon Michael

Mar 11, 2022
I purchased a Guifil 15-35 about a year ago not realizing that somebody messed around with the mechanical controls (Not CNC Controls) and bypassed some things for unknown reasons. The Press works but only has one speed. I don't know what, if any is valves, limits, ect. are missing If anyone has a copy of the manual for this model or really any of the upacting Guifil brake and can please help me out I would deeply appreciate it. I can send you some money for your inconvenience. I'm desperate cause its a nice small brake for my home shop and really don't want to part ways with it but its almost useless to me if I cant get it right again.. Thanks for your help


Oct 14, 2010
Oregon, USA
It appears Automec does a lot of upgrades and support for Guifil press brakes. I'm sure they would like to sell you something, but maybe somebody in their engineering department could help you assess what's needed to put yours back in order. I have no experience with either Automec or Guifil, just some Google-fu.