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HAAS Alarm 175


Cast Iron
May 18, 2007
Yadkinville, NC
2016 VF2SS threw an alarm 175 for ground fault detected this morning. I think it may have something to do with the tsc pump? I can run the tsc only and it seems to work just fine. Yet when running a program that uses tsc it alarms out. I would think if the pump motor were actually bad it would throw an alarm when turned on be it manually or via m code? Machine is running the same program now but with just the low pressure coolant pump and it hasn't thrown any alarms.
Ground fault would mean there is a potential difference between the case of the pump and the machine. Try an Ohm meter between the case metal and a ground wire inside the cabinet.
The DVM rocks! :-) And again w/ my usual post on min/max mode on the meters these days. Set-em to auto for min/max monitoring and wait for the beep or the failure. They'll indicate a value for ya. Love mine.
What’s the chance the extra stay/mist from. Tsc is spraying or accumulating on something and is actually causing the fault.

I ran a particularly messy job recently and it tripped the 120v machine gfi. Inside lights got wet. Was spraying of the part at just the right angle to be a 300 psi pressure washer