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HAAS Lathe ST-20y Bar Pusher- Resetting Reference Position- Can't Handle Jog V Axis after G105 Q4


Oct 19, 2023

New to the forum and hoping for some insight into a problem I been having.

I need to reset the Reference Position on my HAAS ST-20Y Bar Feeder and I hit a wall.

The command G105 Q4 loads a bar, measures the bar, and pushes it just before the collet.
After that, when all motion has stop, I'm suppose to hit "RESET" and that allows me to Handle Jog the V Axis(bar pusher rod).
However that has not been happening. After hitting "RESET" no movement occurs when manipulating the jog handle(of course pressings what jog rate I want).

There is no issue with the bar feeder itself that I'm aware of. Still bar pushes in programs and loads and unloads bar as need.
I verified settings and parameter that I know. Information via HAAS site is sparse.

If anyone has any idea please let me know.

Thank you