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Haas Lathe ST20 X-Axis Position Issues


Jun 9, 2017
2019 ST20 2 Axis Lathe, We are having positioning issues with the lathe specifically for the boring/drill holders in tool 4 & 9. We can run for x amount of days with center of tool for example on t9 being 13.3150 & T4 center being 13.2155, then turning machine on or just coming back from lunch with machine still on and the center of those tools will be off by .015-.03 from previous center position. Z axis indicated comes in flat & // to chuck, & other tools still have same position. Thought maybe thermo comp sensor but the temp doesnt jump around so i dont think thats it. Tool blocks are in nice & tight and machine has not been crashed. Feel like we are chasing a ghost here.