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Haas Lathe Toolsetter Calibration


Nov 30, 2010
Columbia, SC USA
After having to re-calibrate the toolsetter on our 2014 ST-30 a few times now using both the 2012 and 2014 manual, I got a quick, simple and accurate method from a Technician and wanted to share it with those that have a Haas Lathe with the probe/toolsetter and find yourself in need. Yes, you can touch off on the part and comp your tools, but some of us run many small jobs and the toolsetter makes life easier when making repeated tool change overs.

The .PDF is attached here so anyone can grab it.


  • Haas Lathe Toolsetter Calibration.pdf
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Feb 16, 2023
Thank you so much, this fixed my issue.
Small addition once complete retouch off the tool and perform a programmed test cut. Measure the difference and add the difference to setting 59, it is negative add the negative.

IE Test Cut 4.715 - Program 4.720 = -.005
add -.005 to setting 59

PS retouch off tool in between every test cut.