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Haas Netshare will not allow file deletion from PC side


Oct 26, 2010
oh - usa
First Timer so be gentle

Company I work for has a Haas VF4 circa 2005 and we are having issues deleting files off the server once they have been selected and then unselected by the Haas control. by unselected I mean we keep a warmup program in the folder (the netshare points to a folder on a server) so in other machines we select that warmup file so the other files are now "not selected" and we can delete all the unselected files from the PC side. I hope that's understandable

not in this vf4... and we have other machines with older and younger controls which all allow the normal process of selecting the warmup program and then it allows you to delete everything else from the PC side.

the only way we can delete the files is to turn the haas vf4 off wait 30 seconds and turn it back on. Then, most of the time we can clean the files from the server where this machines netshare is pointed.

understanding this machine is 17 years old and most Haas employees do not have 17 years of experience, at least I haven't met one yet. I think they keep them locked up somewhere... I hope so and I hope one is reading this because my co-workers are getting very aggravated because lately we've had to cycle power to the machine several times

This has been a problem for the 6plus years I've been around this machine and I was told "it's always done this" recently we updated the server computer in the IT room and I was hoping this would solve the problem but alas, no joy. IT guy said he could force a deletion of the file with admin privileges that he cannot share with us lowly programming machinists. or for a couple grand he could write a scrip to do so... also not going to happen because the powers that be are not inconvenienced by the problem so they do not care.

New Haas techs solution: update the control... and how much is that going to cost considering the age of the machine and the fact most of the electronics in it are not compatible with new controls...

any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


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Jul 9, 2015
What does the PC do when you try to delete the files? What does the Netshare tab look like on that machine? Is it finding a new IP address when you are restarting the machine? Something has to be refreshing when you are rebooting the machine that allows you to delete. Compare settings to other machines and see if there is anything different.