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Haas ST30-Y/DS30-Y Lathe Multiple Misalignments and NO CRASHES


Dec 28, 2021
We have now had our brand new HAAS ST30-Y in our shop for almost a year. We expected it to be the greatest addition to our shop, but make no mistake, this is the least robust machine that HAAS has come out with in a long time… Since purchasing the machine 12 months ago, it has required four!!! alignments by haas… Now, I’ll be honest, I have had my fair share of crashes and know what a crash is, but this machine has not seen any major crash. After the first two incidents, we began looking at the machine much more closely and frequently checked the machine alignment. During one operation (third alignment), we had a 1/2 HSS drill burn up in 1018. Spindle rpm was too high for the material, operator stopped, drill did not even BREAK, but the machine was out in EVERYTHING but the Z axis… Forth alignment, using a 1” drill sandvik u drill, feeds and speeds off a little, material overheats during drill op (noticeable by scaring), but tooling and inserts INTACT, and no alarms from the machine… Basically what we found is the machine can push itself out of alignment just by taking too heavy of a cut. Extremely disappointing.


Mar 29, 2012
Traverse City, MI
We run our DS30Y and ST30Y non stop all day on both production and job shop work and haven't had any issues with alignment that was not our fault. We run 1.5" diameter drills in every material under the sun including Titianium. We regularly cut .100/side DOC with no issues.

I have had our DS aligned one time because of an issue on our end. It wasn't what I would call a crash, but we did trip the servo and slightly bent one of the Linear guide rails about .002". It still holds accuracy of .0005 or less, but when using the Live tooling for milling we sometimes see a .001/.002" mismatch of faces. The machine is by no means as robust as our Okuma Lathes, but I'm quite pleased with both machines.


Hot Rolled
Jan 11, 2015
Bay Area, CA
My DS30 sees large tool usage too and it doesn't bend itself apart...

When Haas is there "fixing the alignment", what are they actually doing? Just adjusting the leveling feet, or what?

Is your concrete just junk and the machine is settling or moving around on it?