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Haas Super Mini Mill - Drowning in Way Oil


Cast Iron
Feb 21, 2005
Millington, NJ
My machine's consumption of lube oil seems normal and I add to the reservoir at reasonable intervals. Instead of the spent oil being collected by the oil/coolant separator, however, it's all ending up right in the coolant. I haven't seen a drop go into the separator's catch tank in months. How do I fix this?


Dec 8, 2019
We have a VF2 that has had this problem once in its life.

If a similar system is used in the mini-mill you can try our fix.

haas seperator.jpg

The separator internally gets clogged with contaminants and old oil so pull that plate off and clean it out (be prepared for a nice smell). Be careful with the plate as it seals with a rubber gasket. If your separator loop is clogged, then likely as well the frame of your machine is full of sludge as the oil/coolant dripping into it is not draining. Remember the separator only services the voids in the frame beneath your table and ways.

Good luck :)