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Haas TM-1 (2004) Alarm 292 - 320V power supply fault. Code d


Aug 1, 2022
Hi All,

I just bought a TM-1 last week. The machine ran fine at the seller's warehouse using 3-phase. We lowered the spindle in preparation for transport.
It arrived at my house This last weekend and we had to remove the regen unit box and unhook the large wiring conduit at the back/top of the machine to get through my garage.

I reassembled the regen unit and mounted it back and reattached the conduit.
I was able to run 8 gage wiring (2 live, 1 neutral) and connected to the machine. My voltage measures around 238V (single phase).
I changed the jumper on T5 transformer to the corresponding level (221-240V) and the same thing on the "main transformer) as well.
When I power the machine on, all seems well except for the Alarm 292. I check the back of the machine (320V supply) and it has a single digit error code.
The code is "d", indicating Overload/Short Fault.

I checked all the fuses - they're ok.
I checked the resistance of the regen unit - 11.1Ohm, within spec.
I am at loss as to what's happening.

Could my supply voltage be on the high side at 238V?
Did the power supply get fried between me powering on the machine at the dealer on Thursday and powering it on at home on Sunday?

Any thoughts appreciated.



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