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HAAS Tool Probe Calibration Problem


Jun 4, 2022

I found my tool probe anvil a little off so I decided to flatten it out and perform a tool and work probe calibration.

When I start the tool probe calibration in my VF3SSYT w/ NGC control the spindle goes up in Z to almost max height. Then it crawls down at a ridiculously slow speed to some point above the probe and goes back up in Z to try again. (Takes almost 10 minutes, and is extremely painful to watch.) I went into the macro variable page and set all values between 10550-10599 to zero. Still no luck.

Thanks for any help!

Ryan at Sparrow

Nov 2, 2022
What software version are you on, there was issues like this I had with some versions which should be fixed now. Also, what tool number are you using for your probe?


Feb 18, 2022
Calibrating the tool probe shouldn't require any macro variable changes. VPS has all the inputs required - T#, gauge length, diameter. Sounds like something is screwed up because variables have been changed that shouldn't have been changed, inputs on the VPS menu are wrong, there is a bug in the software, or a bad probing cycle was loaded into the machine from the factory.

edit: realizing this is a pretty old post that got revived but info is still relevant
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