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Haas vector drive repair.....who to use?

david n

Apr 13, 2007
Pillager, MN
Purdy sure the vector drive is the culprit.......seems to be quite a few places out there that repair and or exchange them. Just looking for a reputable outfit. Suggestions?
I don't have a suggestion but, what year, what vector drive (old white painted one, first gen brushed stainless, one of the later ones with the protruding fans?) and what symptoms and/or errors?
I have used Zaritron on multiple occasions. Stoyan really knows his stuff and his prices, warranty and customer service are great. I've purchased rebuilt Haas vector drives and amplifiers from them.
If your price sensitive some places sell sections of the drive.
Mine only needed a new daughter board inside. Saved several grand going that route.
Too bad the chip that failed was a programmed chip.
They where only a few bucks but no way of knowing the logic in the chip :/