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Haas VF-5 High/Low Shifting Issue


Oct 4, 2013
Ontario, Canada
We are having an issue with our Haas VF-5 having trouble doing the gear shift either from high speed to low speed, or from low to high. Once it makes the shift either way it operates fine.

I've had Haas out to look at the issue, and after modifying (opening up) the pneumatic fitting supplying air to the actuator, and lubricating the shifter shaft with oil, the problem is persisting.

They now want to replace the complete gearbox to fix the issue. It seems to me to be a fixable issue without needing to replace the complete gearbox (gearbox performs well, and runs smoothly, actually was replaced just a couple of years ago),.......... anyhow has anyone else experienced this issue, and were you able to remedy the problem?

That is the thing that I've noticed with Haas, is they seem to just want to replace complete units of the machine, and take the old "core part" back to do a refurb, instead of repairing what is probably a fairly minor issue.

Any input on this would be appreciated.

Thanks, Dave

eddie richerson

May 18, 2023
Many times it is the "o" rings on the air cylinder that shifts the gears. There a u tube video covering this problem. Mine leaks a lot. I always leave it in high gear when shutting down so it will boot up ok.

the average Joe

Nov 16, 2022
We have the same problem on our 97 vf-2. I found out that pouring a little rubbing alcohol into the supply side air line(right side of the regulator) fixes it usually.

There's another quick-disconnect up on the right side of the manifold at the back of the column on the right side where you can add some too that's a little more effective. The things just get jammed up with moisture and oil over the years.


Apr 24, 2019
We just did a rebuild on our '04 VF5 gearbox. For us, it was a broken retaining ring that jammed up the shifter shaft. We went ahead and replaced all of the bearings, retainer rings, o-rings, and prox sensors while we were at it. The video series @M K put together is really helpful. It's a pretty easy process (once the spindle is on the table...)
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