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Hamilton Sensitive Drill Press decreasing vibrations / play in the machine?


Jun 19, 2023
Hi, I made a post a bit back about replacing the idler wheel bearings on my drill press. Well, I am back again looking for more advice. I notice that while the runout of my spindle when hand turned is 0.01mm, it seems that there is some play with the bar that goes into the main drill column that interacts with the ratchet wheel. The bar that is controlled by the lever to feed the drill. There is a housing at that top that connects this bar to the top of the spindle, and then the bottom of the spindle goes through a different housing that fits directly over the column. So I suspect when pushing back the bar, it is tilting the spindle at an angle. Ever so slightly, of course.

Anyways I digress. I am not necessarily worried about the spindle having runout from this when running, but I think it is causing it to not run true, and causing a lot of vibrations? I could be wrong of course. It could be that the spindle bearings need to be replaced. This was just something that I had noticed and was easily viewable.
When running just the motor not connected to anything, there is no vibration. it is only when the spindle is turning.
Obviously I expect *some* vibration. I just think that the amount I am feeling, and hearing, is more than it should be.

I made a video to show this

In the video, I say that it moves by 0.8mm. This is not true. I mean to say 0.08mm, but either way, the real value is 0.15mm after further checking correctly. Do you think this is a concern that could be causing vibrations? It does appear that if I put pressure on the bar to try to stabilize it, the vibrations do get better and the sound dies down.
I am open to anything that may help vibrations.