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Hard tapping mystery (G88)


Nov 2, 2022
Working on a Centurion 6 controlled Partner 5 machining center, we have rigid tapping available and it seems to work fine but it always adds a 10 second dwell at the bottom of the hole and another 10 second dwell at the top of the hole. Thread down, 10 seconds, thread out, 10 seconds, move to the next hole. It's not the biggest problem but the fact that I can't figure it out is starting to really bother me. Has anyone else ever seen this? The P setting is 0 for all of our codes. Example code looks like this, N21487 G88 X1.252 Y-3.5079 Z0.1907 R1.275 P0 F0.0591.

For small parts it's no big deal but on larger parts with lots of holes it's enough to make you go nuts.

Any help would be appreciated.