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Hard turning?


Oct 12, 2021

Truck transmission parts. I need to make the long one shorter. All I've got are average carbide inserts. Any guidance to keep from fubaring this part would be appreciated
Ceramic inserts, up to 60 Rc, not happy with interrupted cuts. 2000 FPM so the chip rises red and loops over turning darker before it hit's the lathe, around .010" max DOC and a fine feed, watch your insert nose, but they last quite a while.

Also, regular negative carbide inserts run around 100 FPM, still can't take deep cuts but still works under 50 Rc OK, of course the speed shouldn't make the light grayish blue.
I don't claim to know it all but these things seem to work well for me.
Just use carbide. Chances are you'll get through the whole job on one edge. Worst case two or three.

Carbide is plenty capable of hard turning. It's just not ideal for production applications.
Carbide cut it just fine, it wasn't nearly as hard as I thot it would/should be. Recutting a taper to the internal spline was a pita.