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Hardinge Conquest CS-42 0T Spindle Orient


May 25, 2022
Happy Monday,

I have a Hardinge Conquest CS-42 with a 0T controller. we had someone accidentally delete all the parameters out of the machine, and didnt have a backup. Ended up having Fanuc use a parameter set from their database, and it got us going.

Long story short, we have 1 issue that still remains. we use "B90" and "B270" to orient the spindle for a live tool operation. when the "B__" command is given, we get a P/S 009 alarm. I have been back and forth with this for months, and im about ready to punt. But, before I do, has anyone here got any thoughts on the matter, or perhaps seen this personally?

thanks in advance
Have you checked your 900 series parameters? Those tell the machine what options it has.

I have two Conquest 42s, but neither have live tooling. When I program B90 in MDI, I also get the P/S 009 alarm. That makes sense because I don't have live tooling and the machine doesn't recognize the B command. Since you have the hardware and have run the B commands before, I'm guessing that the machine is simply not enabled to recognize B commands since the option isn't turned on.

These are pretty common machines. Your best bet might be to find someone else with a similar machine and ask them to share their parameters with you. I can't be of much help since mine don't have the same options as yours. You could also have some luck calling Hardinge. If I remember right, they seem to do pretty well at keeping records on their older machines.
Back and forth with who?
With Hardinge?

I have a similarly equipped 51, but it has an early 18 on it.
Not sure how consistant the 18 would be with the 0.

Shirley someone here has a 42 with an 0 on it.

If Hardinge doesn't git'chew the needed info, hopefully we can git it figgered out.

It seems like it would be an Option Param, but if that was the case, then Fanuc should have been able to solve that for you.
So, maybe it's just a Keep Relay? (doo 0's have those?)

To help someone know how close their machine is, could you be a bit more specific on your option?

Doo you have C axis? (The CRT will show C as an axis)
I know that you said that you were calling up "B", but a C axis machine will index in B as well I think.

Doo you have a sub-spindle?

Overhead unload gantry?


Think Snow Eh!