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Hardinge QC lathe for sale

Fred Armbruster

Nov 28, 2005
York, Maine
Hardinge QC #92 tool room lathe with original traveling and fixed steady, complete taper attachment, accessory trays at tail stock end, restored original rotating tray for collets with full set of Hardinge collets in steps of sixty fourths, original tapped face plate, and dog plate, original wrenches and centers, and what is believed to be the only original surviving relieving attachment complete with 6 cams. Present also are 24 change gears including a 127 for metric threads, and accessory gear sectors. Damaged original top QC 2.jpgQC 1.jpgQC 3.jpgQC 4.jpgQC 5.jpgslide has been replaced, original casting retained. Machine is powered by a 1HP 220, 3 phase motor mounted on a Southbend motor mount, with a VFD drive. This drive unit is mounted without modification of the lathe and can be removed if desired. Previous owner modified head stock pulley for multi V belts. Lathe is complete and in great mechanical condition. As is common with this machine there are some broken teeth on the back gears but no other damage. Asking price $6000.00