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Hardinge Servo Control Box (H-5CI-C) - how do you unlock the parameters?


Sep 16, 2015
I've got an old Hardinge model H-5CI-C servo control box and a broken Hardinge 5C indexer (servo motor is shot). The control is very similar to a Haas box and most of the parameters are identical.

Anyway, unlike a Haas box, Hardinge locks most of its servo motor setup parameters with a password in parameter 30 (and it may have a parameter 24 that is hidden). I have reached out to Hardinge, but have not received any help; it looks like they don't make the servo box anymore.
The Hardinge 5C indexer's original Kollmorgen servo motor is shot and I would like to replace it with a Yaskawa Sigma I series like Haas uses, but I'll need to change the parameters...hence the dilemma.

Hardinge did offer these with Yaskawa motors for use on Haas machines so I know it's possible and they use a cable that is compatible with early Haas VMCs with brushless servo amps.
Converting to a Yaskawa servo should also allow me in the future to use it on a Haas 4th axis equipped machine without the control box.

Does anyone here have info on how to unlock the parameters in the Hardinge box? It appears they locked the parameters to keep users from messing with the settings and possibly damaging the servo or box. The parameters are not unlocking additional features like HSM or something so I think it's ethical to allow users to change them to whatever...any warranty has long since passed. Any help is appreciated.


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