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hardinge tm


Mar 9, 2022
Hello all!

Just wanted to show you guys the before and after pics of my mill rebuild.
Took about two months and quite a bit more money than I anticipated but I think it turned out pretty good! I changed out the original two speed motor and install a lesson 1hp for the horizontal spindle and feed. and the vertical H head spindle motor was replaced with a 3/4 baldor. both motors are 3 phase and controlled by VFD's. I built an aluminum box to house and limit the dust to the VFD's and installed an independent fan to help pull the hot air out.
love the machine but am already starting to see the limitations of the 2vb collets. at 1/2" being the biggest collet, it is really limiting when it comes to tooling. Having a hard time finding a face or shell mill that uses 1/2" shanks. I have all the original parts that I removed for sale if anyone is interested.