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Harrison M250 Lathe - very clean home shop / small shop lathe FOR SALE So California


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Hi all, $4000 obo

I am selling my very clean low use 11" Harrison M250. I have owned it the last 20 yrs or so and was using it in my garage (220V) before I re-opened my shop 10 years back. It sounds like and runs like a finely tuned sewing machine- very quiet and accurate - very little wear overall and zero issues. It has a nice complete taper , coolant, both steady and follow rests etc. I have the extra change gears as well for threading.

This is a very nice home lathe. I had my painter freshen it up w an industrial enamel paint -to the tune of $1000...(Lusid Northstar) which is almost bullet proof- it also has some clear protective sheet applied in heavy wear areas.

In So Cal.

Any q's feel free.

Best regards, Rick
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Nice looking machine

A few more details for those less familiar with that machine might make it move faster